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What people are saying

Anuradha Kishore
Anuradha Kishore
Training Consultant & Counsellor , Bangalore
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When you are a passionate individual with a flair for doing things on your own, you could be weighed down with a lack of confidence. Questions like am I good at it? What if I get stuck? Or is there a better way to do it? Luckily, an inquiry about an MBTI assessment for a third party vendor got me connected to Coach Dexter. The conversation got me enrolled in the basic as well as the advanced level Train The Trainer coaching program. I was guided and trained with the tools to answer those questions, so it did not matter if I had to unlearn and start from zero. Now that I have learned it, I'm better off it, and I'm prepared to face all the eventualities that come my way. Thank you Coach for motivating me and giving me confidence.
Kriti Sharma
Kriti Sharma
Korean Language & Logistics Expert, Gurgaon
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"The coaching sessions with Dexter were absolutely superb and truly enlightening. He not only supported me in my endeavors for personal growth, development & self awareness. Time and again, he challenged me, to make sure that I realized and attained my potential. The sessions paved the foundation of the better me."
Dr.Zoya Waseem
Dr.Zoya Waseem
Director, L&D, Zee Edutech, Mumbai
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"I had Dexter as a guest facilitator for a Mumbai based client. He created an exhilarating impact on the audience. He’s too good! I look forward to working with him on many more projects."
Saba Tariq
Saba TariqProject Manager, Toronto
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I contacted Coach Dexter to learn about past life regression and experience it myself as I had heard of its benefits. He coached me through the preparation through guided meditation and grounding techniques which helped me prepare for the regression sessions; these sessions really opened my mind to the infinite possibilities of lives beyond the one we feel so attached to, and brought a greater understanding of the world around me. Dexter, as an expert coach, guided me through my sessions and helped me become more aware of my true self. I still imply the techniques I learned from him in my daily life, and they have helped tremendously in overcoming my anxiety and stress management. Thank you Dexter!
Chitra Burkhe
Chitra Burkhe
Dy. Director Placements, NMIMS College, Mumbai
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"Dexter conducted a session for students at the Masters level. The session was very useful for students/candidates. It helped them to prepare for future challenges, particularly in these testing times. The session helped candidates to prepare for virtual interviews in these changing times"
Dr.Jabeen Basade
Dr.Jabeen Basade
Homeopath & Coach, Mumbai
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"I am a coach and being from the old school of thought wasn't very comfortable and eager to build up social networking. But after a coaching session with Dexter, I had amazing changes. Just within the span of 1 month, I had my blog started with 4 articles already. I was totally new to Instagram and wanted to make videos for my potential clients. Something which I saw as difficult now seems so easy because I have been making weekly videos. All this with the powerful sessions I had. I started my FB page which was pending for so long. Thanks to Dexter for your powerful coaching."
Nandini Chawla
Nandini Chawla
CEO, T.V. Rao Learning, Bengaluru
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"As a part of barter coaching, I had the opportunity to be coached by Dexter. I picked up a unique challenge that I was keen to work on. I found the experience very insightful and the method of coaching that he adopted helped me make tremendous progress in my personal journey. His patient listening and the use of his intuitive power helped guide the session in a way that it created great impact. I wish him all the best in all his endeavors."

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Mindset blocks and behaviours hindering growth. Turn them into strengths.

Workplace Leadership

Workplace challenges linked to pressure, relationships and career progression can be mitigated.

Business Steer

Decision-making is tough while wading in uncharted waters. You can thrive with a strategy.

Building a Vision

Vision can get blurry even for the most seasoned campaigner of life. Gain clarity and stay on track.

Re-building Relationships

Bridge damaged relationships or build important ones to lead a rewarding and qualitative life.

Building a Goal

An important objective or dream can be scaled with help of an accountability partner in me.

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